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Post by admin » Sun Jun 05, 2022 2:50 pm

Hey guys so its happening again. Guys messaging me all upset that they started chatting to a lady on the site, set up a video chat or to buy some content and sent EMT for the payment FIRST, then got nothing in return and blocked. Then chatted up another user and set up a video chat and got nothing for the second time. As the owner of this site, I post warnings all the time, there is a large caution warning pop-up warning of the very dangers on this site, I have spent countless hours and dollars adding all sorts of features such as the TIP option, such as the premium content option, such as NLDTConnect, all these things to help keep you all safer but you all choose to do this off site and by email transfer and then get scammed.

I will no longer take responsibility for your mistakes. It does not matter if this is Nladult, or facebook or kijiji, there are fucking scammers everywhere. Not everyone is safe to deal with and once you send them your money via EMT that you can not track or get back, why would they want to keep their promise then??? THEY DO NOT HAVE TO CAUSE YOU WERE FOOLISH ENOUGH TO PAY UPFRONT FOR SOMETHING THEY DID NOT WANT TO PROVIDE YOU WITH IN THE FIRST PLACE. So from now on, if you get scammed, come here and post a detailed account with screenshots etc for proof and alert others to NEVER deal with that account/person. Do not ask me to delete their account out of revenge which is what I have been doing. It literally helps them out. They made money, get called out and deleted and in 5 minutes make a new email address, new account and boom, back scamming with a new fake story to sell.

I am also having the team add a delay on accessing the chatroom for new accounts now as well. This all seems to be happening in the chatroom so all new accounts will have to wait extended periods of time to access the chatroom. Sorry I know this will affect many honest users but there is nothing else I can think of. BUT, you all do know that if everyone made a solid rule to not send email transfers to strangers, this would all be done and over with.

Now, I want to start a thread here so we can all have a conversation about this and keep track of who is a scammer. There is no point in deleting their accounts anymore. They simply make a new one and you fall for the same scam. They need to be outted as the scammer they are and if you are ever going to deal with someone, come here to see who is on the list. How about that? Thoughts please.

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Re: Scammers

Post by MatureGuy123 » Mon Jun 06, 2022 11:18 am

It appears to me that most of the scamming is by accounts advertising content. The solution already exists but has just not been implemented. Do not allow sales of content on the site. Move it all to the new site where it can be properly regulated. Have a banner and button loudly informing any new customer or provider that this is the avenue for content. If an account tries to sell content then on NLAdult simply just delete the ad and the account. And have an account approval process. Even if it causes a delay in new accounts getting set up. If there is even a sniff of content being advertised don't allow it. This shouldn't even disadvantage legitimate local content sellers either. By now they should all have accounts on the new site anyway.

As for the chat room that just has to remain a user beware thing. If someone falls prey to a scam from that and tries to complain you I wouldn't even bother to reply.

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Re: Scammers

Post by Hot_Rod » Mon Jun 06, 2022 2:31 pm

MatureGuy123 makes a good point here. If the purpose of the NLDT Connect site was to be the sole repository of content, and those who sell it, why are we still allowing accounts that have content-only ads on the main site. I was browsing the ads on the main site just today, and saw at least 3 that specifically mad a point of saying "No meet ups", or "Follow my SnapChat at..." these accounts are almost invariably scam ads that want you on SnapChat so they can promise you sessions if you become a "Premium" follower, and buy their content, but those sessions never materialize.

Let's face it, if these "only content" providers are already advertising content on the "Content" site, then they don't need to be advertising on the "Services" site, except maybe to put an ad up that says "Hey guys, follow me on NLDT Connect to get wicked content". That way, they can be regulated, and removed if they are violating the rules, or are outright scamming people. Or, better yet, they can be automating their sales through the site, and thereby eliminating the scam threat altogether.

In the meantime, I've been in discussions with another forum member (you can introduce yourself if you feel so inclined, I am big on retaining discretion and privacy), and between us, we seem to have a pretty extensive (but not yet complete) list of the providers who advertise "services" and have been providing legit service (to the best of our knowledge). Not all of these ladies have the "100% verified" stamp, mostly because they either have not had the benefit of a review published, or because neither of us have personally had the pleasure of their company yet. I only endorse those who I "KNOW" have been reliable in the past, and consent to having a review published about them. (By the way, those who I find unreliable, or are known to be scammers, get a negative review from me whether they consent to it or not!) If warranted, we could probably devise a pretty comprehensive list of "questionable" or definitely unreliable/scamworthy advertisers on the site, and post it for the benefit of the general membership. Anyone who makes the list who feels that it is unwarranted is more than welcome to submit a request to be removed from the list, provided they can verify that they are not scamers.

Just a couple of suggestions from the Hot Mod. :)

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Re: Scammers

Post by Cap’n Crunch » Tue Jun 07, 2022 11:26 pm

I am not into buying pics or videos so can’t really speak to the risks there but they would seem high if the only way to buy things is e cash payments. In terms of legit service providers, i stay busy and thus have a long list to provide feedback on and offer info when i can or when asked. I will say this too though, when reading reviews, i think it is important to look at the account of the person giving the review. Not all reviews are legit and some could even be aimed at hurting business and reputation of a legit provider. I have seen negative reviews from brand new accounts that didn’t line up with my experiences for the provider. Maybe a jealous new bf or something like that. Who knows. So worth exercising caution depending on the poster. But I always take advantage of the info shared by regular known posters. Those have helped me make many decisions. Even this forum is highly valuable when providers resurface after a couple of years away. I will gladly keep sharing info in a public forum or private DM.

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