How do "Studios" work???

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How do "Studios" work???

Post by Hot_Rod » Thu Mar 31, 2022 11:23 am

I asked this question as a response in one of the other chat boards on this site, but I think it would be a great question to ask of all users here, especially anyone who's familiar, so here goes...

You know, for all the years I've been "client"ing, I've never had a session at any of the "Studios" in town. I have no idea about how the experience goes, and would love to know what happens, step by step, start to finish. For instance, do you pay the studio for basic service (massage, happy ending) and negotiate with the SP for "extra" service, or is there one flat fee for the service and you pay the girl you're seeing? Also, does it vary from place to place? I know that in some cases, the studio(s) actually rent out the rooms to the girls, but do you still have to pay the studio for the base service in these cases, and still pay the girl for their extras?? Seems like it could get pretty expensive, as opposed to just booking an in-call with a private girl and paying her when you get there.

Will welcome any thoughts anyone may have!

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Re: How do "Studios" work???

Post by MatureGuy123 » Mon Apr 04, 2022 12:53 pm

I wouldn't mind seeing an answer to this myself. I think the Red Room rents rooms to SPs while Hush is run as a business. I haven't been to either. The prices listed in ads from SPs operating out of these places always seems a bit obscure. Also seems expensive. It's not that I'm cheap but obviously we all have to budget our incomes etc. There are good SPs operating from their homes that offer decent rates. There are frequently reviews written about SPs in the Review tab so it would be nice to hear from one or two of these guys. Share your experience! Inquiring minds want to know lol

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Re: How do "Studios" work???

Post by Cap’n Crunch » Tue Apr 05, 2022 1:37 pm

Studios are really straight forward and easy. In fact, stress free when seeing a provider for the first time. I usually call and ask to speak with whoever I am interested in so i can confirm restrictions if any. Prices for entry are on the website and pretty sure go to the studio and mgmt. That part is paid up front when you check in. Then you are taken to a room with bed, for sure some have showers. Always showers available if needed. Prices vary depending on the individual and what you are looking for so it might be best to confirm up front. You pay that separately to ur provider. But even with the upfront fee for the studio, the all in cost is reasonable. And I haven’t ever been hugely disappointed in services. I have my favorites of course (Nikki is great). And also the reviews of the ladies are usually very accurate. Haven’t read any that I would disagree with. Summary is a little more costly due to the upfront fee but low stress and good or great service can be counted on. Hope that helps!!

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